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How much money do I need? For Most installations we recommend applying for a blanket amount of 6,500.00 . .This will usually cover any basic installation costs on an existing home with one existing HVAC system Your Air To Air Sales Rep can usually give you a quote in a quick Text or phone call. @ 972-804-4Air (4247)

I have some other projects I would like financing for .Can I ask for more? Absolutely. Enerbank will loan up to $45,000 for a residential applicant.

What if Im not approved? Hey… It Happens. In some cases Enerbank may counter offer with an offer from Enerbanks 2nd chance program “Yes Loans” If you arent selected for this then you may have a chance through one of our other second chance lenders. Send us a text or call 972-804-4247

Or you can Try our Lease Purchase program https://www.airtoairmech.com/rent-to-own/ (Best if Used as a last resort)

READY TO APPLY at Enerbank

STEP 1 Write down , Copy or print the following info

  1. Loan Type ZELP73 60 month
  2. Program Phone Number (866) 405-7600 
  3. Contractor ID 79476

Step 2 2 ways to Apply. Please Choose one

Apply online Now

Click Link https://application.enerbank.com/#/form/loantype

Apply by mobile app *New (requires App Download)

Click Link http://enerbank.com/mobile/ Instant decision

Apply Over the Phone (866) 405-7600  Decision in minutes (you will need the information above, so write it down.

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