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Before Applying,,


How much money do I need? For Most installations we recommend applying for a blanket amount of 6,500.00 . .This will usually cover any basic installation costs on an existing home with one existing HVAC system Your Air To Air Sales Rep can usually give you a quote in a quick Text or phone call. @ 972-804-4Air (4247)

I have some other projects I would like financing for .Can I ask for more? Absolutely. Enerbank will loan up to $45,000 for a residential applicant.

What if Im not approved? Hey… It Happens. Not to worry though.. We will automatically send you a counter offer through Enerbanks 2nd chance program “Yes Loans” A Minimum credit score of 550 can get you approved @ 1 flat rate of 17.99% for 60 months ( Maximum Loan amount $15,000.00 You wont find a better deal than that!

or you can Try our Rent to own program https://www.airtoairmech.com/rent-to-own/ (Best if Used as a last resort)


STEP 1 Write down , Copy or print the following info

  1. Loan Type ZELP73 60 month
  2. Program Phone Number (866) 405-7600 
  3. Contractor ID 79476

Step 2 2 ways to Apply. Please Choose one

Apply online Now

Click Link https://application.enerbank.com/#/form/loantype

Apply by mobile app *New (requires App Download)

Click Link http://enerbank.com/mobile/ Instant decision

Apply Over the Phone (866) 405-7600  Decision in minutes

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