Make your Home a smart Home

In today’s world anything is possible.  Turn on the outdoor flood lights, close the garage, and lock all of the doors before bed with one command. Water the lawn, close the gate, Control the temp with the push of a button. Create your own scene with Nexia Smart Home Intelligence ZWAVE Bridge/Thermostat*. Color Touch Screen Smart control at your Thermostat or from your device  anywhere you are. Possibilities are endless. Ask us about our Smart Home package that includes, Thermostat, and  Schlage Door locks. any  ZWAVE compatible device can be purchased directly through your MyNexia App.

*Some services may require a small monthly subscription through Nexia


Ask About our Scratch and Dent Specials

Because we know how good it feels to pay less for something than the going rate…We are always on the lookout for good deals on new equipment. When we find them.. We pass that savings along to you. Ask about our current stock of discontinued or Scratch and Dent systems. They carry all the same manufacturers warranties as a NEW IN BOX, and many times … are still in the box and are hardly damaged.


Attic Insulation

It is very important to have an adequate level of insulating material above the ceiling of your home. There are different types including loose  fill, rolled battes, and or open/ closed cell foam. Regardless of which type you have, the objective is the same. To slow the transfer of heat from your attic to your home. The more insulation you have the higher the R-Value of your home, and the longer it takes heat to conduct through your ceiling. R30 (about 10 inches) is recommended  for North Texas. If you are in need of more insulation.. Air To Air Mechanical offers competitive pricing on loose fill blow in insulation. Call us today for a quote.

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