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Tip: Most lenders only pull credit info from 1 of the 3  major reporting agencies if you are denied, but not sure why, Try another option. Multiple Checks  in a small window of time have minimal effect on your report. Multiple checks on separate bureaus will look like only one pull .


If you arent approved, but feel that maybe you should have been, you can apply to one of our second look lenders. Soft Credit Check More info Below 

Please call 972-804-4247 or text us and we will return your call with our options. Texting produces faster results. Click here to text us!

Financing Options for HVAC replacement

Option 1 – 0% APR (see details and apply below)

  •  1A  – Wells Fargo Retail Services 0%APR  . CLICK TO APPLY
  •  1B –  Enerbank 0%APR     CLICK TO APPLY
  • More info about these options below

Or for No credit check Lease purchase option  

  • Option 2 –  Lease Purchase Program by Microf
  • Click Here to see requirements to qualify and apply
  • Must own the home / Land

Details for  Options 1A,and 1B options above

  • (0% APR Deferred interest) Interest is accrued over the life of the loan, but is deferred and waived as long as the balance is paid in full before the end of the promotional period.
  •  Instant decision (in Most cases)
  • 60 months Deferred interest  Most Popular   
  • 6,12, 24 , 36, or 48  months Also Available
  • No Early Pay Off Penalty
  • Flat rate late payment fee 
  • Multiple options to pay your monthly statement
  • Easy online account management   
  • Customer support by phone

Option 3   Traditional Financing. Repayment Terms up to 10 years.In addition to your new HVAC system.. These loans can be used for any project you want to accomplish

APR based on credit worthiness  as low as 6.99%

    Tip. If you are part of a credit union, or already have done business with a personal bank, then it may be best to acquire a new loan from that institution . Otherwise.. we offer multiple Loan products across our different lenders . 

Traditional financing  (APR is based on your individual credit worthiness) each option has  Variety of Loan Length terms up to 10 years for full repayment.

3A Power Pay Loans –  For all Home projects up to 100,000.00  Works with a wide variety of Lenders to find the best Loan product for you. Subject to credit worthiness

3B Enerbank Residential Home Project loan  up to 45,000.00

Expecting money soon, but need Air Now?   

 Option 4  Short Term Loans ( Same As Cash or low APR)

4A   Well Fargo 6 months 0% (Tell your Salesman Plan #0006)

             Step 1 CLICK TO APPLY

            Step 2 Once Approved ,Call (Tell your Salesman Plan #0006)

                   or Click to text us now

Contact us @ 972-804-4247 and let us know what length term you need and we will guide you to the best loan product.  Text for faster reply

Click to text us now

Note           2nd Chance Loan offers (if qualified) may be extended to you.. Currently Enerbank may reply with a second look offer if your original application was denied. Not all applications will be given a second look option. However.

We also use a very widely known 2nd Look Retail Loan program  known as Fortiva (<click for more info). (Fortiva Also offers deferred interest loans with 0% APR) Contact us at 972-804-4247 for more details. For a faster response.. please text us.  Click Here to see requirements to qualify and apply

We have worked very hard to acquire and share with you only the best and most affordable / Gimmick Free Financing . Onceyou have been approved and a purchase agreement has been made.. you have the right to change your mind with no penalty within 3 days from loan approval or until product has been delivered and installation is begun.

Options above have different rates. You are applying to borrow money. As is with all lending institutions Financing is not Free. Unless otherwise noted … Any quoted amount we have given to you is a CASH price.  Depending on the loan option chosen

Actual financed amount may vary from any cash price quoted. Cash price valid only

  • If you acquire your own loan
  • or are paying with cash or Cashiers Check at time of service.

*All Financing is subject to approved credit. All Loan products are subject to that products Lender terms. All Lender Terms will be provided to you by  email once approved.

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